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welcome back. two teenage girls busted when their raunchy photos turned up at their indiana high school. all right. you get the picture. they're half naked, lingerie, dollar bills, pretending to lick an obscene lollipop. you get the idea. the photos were taken at a sleepover during summer vacation but posted on my space. someone got wind of those, got ahold of the photos, moved them onto the school, the principal saw them. the school has punished the girls. so what's the next step? well, the girls and the aclu are going to sue the school. taking your calls on this. 1-877-tell-hln. joining us to talk about it ashleigh banfield the host of "open court" and also with us lisa bloom legal analyst for our sister network cnn and an attorney as well. let me lay out the punishment, ladies. they were originally banned from sports for a year. the suspensions were reduced.
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i think they'll miss a quarter of the volleyball season. in exchange for participating in counseling and a public apology to the school's athletic board. ashleigh, i think they got it right. you send a message. hopefully the girls learn something and won't do it again. your thoughts? >> well, i certainly think they should learn something from this because the school is only one step in their journey of life. these digital records last forever. anybody who wants to hire them is going to look at some of these things on their facebook pages. there is a whole legal argument that's different than your gut reaction, though, and the issue here is that this is a public school. if it were a private school, no brainer. they could have done this. the school could have done anything they wanted regardless of the time of year being summer vacation. private school it's a little bit more tricky. the aclu may have something here ooh, okay. let me get lisa in here. let me read the statements. i look at this and i'm like playing sports is a privilege. you're an ambassador for the school. you have to watch yourself. here's what the school is saying. this is an attorney for smith
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green school district. said that it allows the principal to bar from school activities any student-athlete whose behavior in or out of school creates a disruptive influence on the discipline, good order, moral, or educational environment at the high school. lisa? talk to me. principal go wrong here? >> since when did our schools become big brother responsible for enforcing morality, even things done during summer vacation at the girls' private home? i mean, i think this is a matter for the parents to deal with. ashleigh's right. it's a terrible idea for teenagers to post naked pictures of themselves online. we all know that. we also know that teenagers are likely to make mistakes and do stupid things just as we did when we were teenagers only thank god for most of us there weren't cameras around memorializing it. >> amen. >> and to keep girls off of an athletic team when there are so many advantages to girls in participating in sports. to make them apologize to an all male board of coaches, they
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didn't do anything wrong to that board of coaches. they didn't do anything wrong to their athletic team. why should they have to apologize to them? i think the school is over reaching in trying to get at them for some photos they posted during a summer the school just didn't like. >> lisa, i'll come back and ashleigh as well. the game has changed. if they were having an illicit conversation on the phone, nobody would know about it. i don't believe there's any real privacy on these social networking sites. if you post a picture online it could end up in the wrong hands. it could end up in the school's hands. these girls need to know about it and hopefully they'll change their behavior. lisa, i'll give you first crack. >> look, i agree. we all agree the girls need to be reprimanded and counseled for what they did because they did something stupid. the question is, is it the school's job to get them in trouble when they didn't do anything wrong at the school? i mean, that, to me, is just over reaching and offensive and not the job of the school. if they did something wrong in the sports team, fine. if they did something wrong in the classroom, fine. this was done in a private home over summer vacation and frankly
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it's none of the school's business. >> ashleigh, the schools say and i would say it as well, again, you're an ambassador for the school. if you're going to play a sport you represent us. now you're representing us doing this with lingerie and a lollipop. you're out for a while. ashleigh, go. >> i do differ from lisa just in the morality aspect of it only because i think that sports is a privilege. going to school is a right. but playing on the athletics teams is a privilege and they do have to abide by the code of conduct and many of them sign agreements by the way to play on these sports teams and be ambassadors throughout the community so i think the school can punish these girls this way. it'll be a very interesting legal case but let me tell you this. there are a lot of universities out there that have employees scanning facebook pages of their sports, you know, ambassadors. if you're out there watching right now and you play sports, be warned. >> we'll take your calls on
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this. y8
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